Web Server Based GPS Neo-6M

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

This tutorial, we will explore how to read GPS location data in simple local web server is created using NodeMCU and the location details are updated in that server webpage.

In this Current location in Goolge Maps by clicking on the link provided in the Local web page. GPS stands for Global Positioning System and it is used to find out location, altitude, speed, date and time in UTC.

GPS module takes some time to capture location details once it is powered on. NodeMCU starts webserver and waits for a client to get connected to the webserver. Once client is connected to the webserver, NodeMCU sends location details to connected client. The location details are displayed in a simple webpage designed using HTML.

Circuit Diagram:

Components Required:

  • NodeMCU ESP12

  • GPS6MV2 module (Neo 6M, u-bloxAG)

GPS Neo 6M

This is a complete GPS module that is based on the Ublox NEO 6M GPS. This unit uses the latest technology from Ublox to give the best possible positioning information and includes a larger built-in 25 x 25mm active GPS antenna with a UART TTL socket. A battery is also incl