Radar Monitor using Ultrasonic sensor

In this tutorial we are learn to finding Object distance and angle (radar monitor) using Ultrasonic sensor and Servo Motor. Radars have long been used for detecting objects far away and mapping them on a display. With a number of military and arial applications radars are widely used these days. This advanced Arduino sonar system can be used to monitor local patch area and can also scan suspicious object. We propose to demonstrate this concept using arduino based radar project. This Arduino sonar project system continuously scans the area at 180 degree angle using Servo motor and the radar provides the angle as well as distance of the object from the source and value sent to OLED display. It makes use of an ultrasonic wave to simulate sonar or radar sweep 180 degree. It is mounted on a Servo motor to create sweep angles and rotate the ultrasonic sensor.

Circuit Diagram

Components Required

Arduino Uno - 1 no

Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 - 1no

Ultrasonic Sensor Mounting Bracket - 1