Arduino Based Wireless Notice Board using Bluetooth and Android Application

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

The project based on HC-05 Bluetooth module which Controlling 16x2 LCD display using android application.

For Programmed ardunio Uno & Price: 

The stuff you will need:

  1. Breadboard.

  2. HC-05 bluetooth module.

  3. 16x2 LCD display

  4. I2c Module

  5. Arduino UNO or Nano.

  6. Some wires.

  7. Mobile phone from Android.

That's all!

First, pin your LCD with I2C board on the breadboard and power the breadboard by connecting a wire from "5V" (Positive) on your Arduino to the positive row on the breadboard and another one from "GND" (ground or 0V) to the negative row.

Then connect the LCD to the I2C module and I2C to Arduino:

I2C SCL pin 4 - Arduino pin A5

I2C SDA pin 3 - Arduino pin A4