ESP8266 SPIFFS Uploader

NodeMCU ESP8266 contains a Serial Peripheral Interface Flash File System (SPIFFS). Here to shows how to easily upload files to the ESP8266 filesystem using a plugin for Arduino IDE.

SPIFFS lets you access the flash chip memory like you would do in a normal filesystem in your computer, but simpler and more limited. You can read, write, close, and delete files. SPIFFS doesn’t support directories, so everything is saved on a flat structure.

Using SPIFFS with the ESP8266 board is specially useful to:

  • Create configuration files with settings;

  • Save data permanently;

  • Create files to save small amounts of data instead of using a microSD card;

  • Save HTML and CSS files to build a web server;

  • Save images, figures and icons;

  • And much more.

In most of our web server projects, we’ve written the HTML code for the web server as a String directly on the Arduino sketch. With SPIFFS, you can write the HTML and CSS in separated files and save them on the ESP8266 filesystem.

Installing the

ESP8266FS is a plugin for the Arduino IDE that allows you to upload files directly to the ESP8266 filesystem from a folder in your computer.

Download Plugin here

Go to the Arduino IDE directory, and open the Tools folder

Unzip the downloaded .zip folder to the Tools folder. You should have a similar folder structure: