IoT Based DHT 11 Weather Monitor using MQTT

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Here to learn how to build an IoT system using ESP8266, myDevices Cayenne, and MQTT. In more detail, this IoT tutorial discovers how to use an ESP8266 to send data to Cayenne using the MQTT protocol. Moreover, this ESP8266 MQTT project investigates how to use MQTT to control remote peripheral devices using a web interface. This is a complete step-by-step tutorial on building an IoT system using Cayenne and ESP.

On the other hand, Cayenne is an IoT cloud platform that provides several cloud services, such as:

  • Data visualization

  • IoT cloud

  • Alerts

  • Scheduling Events

We will focus our attention on data visualization and on the IoT cloud services.


Cayenne IoT Platform accelerates the development of IoT-based solutions, including quick design, prototyping and other commercialized projects. It is a drag-and-drop IoT project builder that can help developers build complete, ready-to-use IoT solutions with little to no coding.

Cayenne IoT Platform contains a vast catalogue of certified IoT-ready devices and connectivity options. This allows users to easily add any device to the library utilizing MQTT API. All devices in Cayenne are interoperable and benefit from features such as rules engine, asset tracking, remote monitoring and control, and tools to visualize real-time and historical data.

MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocol for sensors and mobile devices.