Iot Cloud BH1750 LUX Monitor

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Here to make an IoT ESP8266 Based Lux Monitor or Light Gauge using BH1750 Ambient Light Sensor & Gauge Widget it an Ubidots delivered end-to-end IoT solutions. We can monitor the Light intensity of a particular location from anywhere in the world. For that, we need to use some hardware like NodeMCU ESP8266 & BH1750 Ambient Light Sensor Module, IoT cloud platform.

BH1750 Ambient Light Sensor

BH1750 is a digital ambient light sensor that is used commonly used in mobile phones to manipulate the screen brightness based on the environment lighting. This sensor can accurately measure the LUX value of light up to 65535lx.

BH1750 Features

  • Power Supply: 2.4V-3.6V (typically 3.0V)

  • Less current consumption: 0.12mA

  • Measuring Rang: 1-65535lx

  • Communication: I2C bus

  • Accuracy: +/-20%

  • Built in A/D converter for converting analog illuminance in the digital data.

  • Very small effect of IR radiation

  • Highly responsive near to human eye.