JoyStick Controlled Relay Board

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

In this project, we are interfacing Joystick with Arduino simply by controlling four Channel relay Board as per the movement of the Joystick. We have placed 4 relays in the such a way that it represents the direction of the joystick shaft movement. This joystick also has a push button which can be used for various other purposes or can be left idle.

The first thing that comes in our mind listening to the word Joystick is the game controller. Yes, it’s exactly the same and can be used for gaming purpose. Apart from gaming, it has many other applications in DIY electronics. This joystick is nothing but a combination of two potentiometers for X and Y plane respectively. It reads the voltage through the potentiometer and gives analog value to the Arduino, and the analog value changes as we move the joystick shaft (which is simply the potentiometer pointer).

Circuit Diagram

Components Required

  • Arduino UNO