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Node MCU based COVID-19 INDIA Live tracker

In this tutorial, ESP8266 12E V1 board which is based on the ESP8266 Wifi module to get data from the via ThingSpeak API using thingHTTP. We used an 0.96" OLED display for making a dashboard for all the real time data are “Corona Virus” Image in Frame 1 “Covid-19 india” Text in Frame 2 “Cases” which had an outcome in Frame 3 ‘Deaths” which had an outcome in Frame 4 ‘Recovered “ Dischared cases which had an outcome in Frame 5 “Text” Text in Frame 6

Circuit Diagram

Components Required

0.96 OLED 4wire Module - 1no

Node MCU ESP8266 12E Dev Module- 1 no

Installing Library

To install the library navigate to the Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries… Wait for Library Manager to download libraries index and update list of installed libraries.

Download SSD1306Wire.h Library , we need to use this library for SSD1306 OLED display

After installing the required libraries, copy the following code to your Arduino IDE.



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