Web Server Based Metal Touch Detector

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Learn the interfacing Metal Touch Sensor Module KY-036 in ESP8266 12E. The touch sensor will generate certain output on touching metal spike of the sensor. Measured input from the Sensor is then fed to the amplifier. Amplifier then sends analog / Digital data to the analog / Digital output pin of the module. In this, we are going to interface, LCD, HTTP server for Real time data logger, Buzzer using the Metal Touch Sensor Module KY-036 / KSP13 with NodeMCU esp8266 12E.

Circuit Diagram

Components required

  • nodeMCU ESP8266 12E

  • KY-036 Metal Touch Sensor

  • LCD 16x2 I2C

  • Buzzer

KY-036 Metal Touch sensor

KY-036 Metal touch sensor module Very simple – the touch sensor (KSP13-NPN Epitaxial Silicon Darlington Transistor) will generate an output when the metal leg of the KSP13 is touched. This is