Arduino Based Fire alarm using dot matrix display

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

In this article we interface Flame Sensor with Arduino and learn all the steps to build Fire Alarm System by using Arduino, flame sensor and Dot matrix display. Flame sensor module has a photodiode to detect the light and an op-amp to control the sensitivity. It is used to detect fire and provide a HIGH signal upon the detection. Arduino reads the signal and provides alert by turning on the buzzer and Dot Matrix Fire Animation. The flame sensor used here is an IR based flame sensor. We have also used the same concept to detect fire in our Fire Fighting Robot, you can also check that our if you are interested.

Fire Alarm Systems are very common in commercial building and factories, these devices usual contain a cluster of sensors that constantly monitors for any flame, gas or fire in the building and triggers an alarm if it detects any of these. One of the simplest way to detect fire is by using an IR Flame sensor, these sensors have an IR photodiode which is sensitive to IR light. Now, in the event of a fire, the fire will not only produce heat but will also emit IR rays, yes every burning flame will emit some level of IR light, this light is not visible to human eyes but our flame sensor can detect it and alert a microcontroller like Arduino that a fire has been detected.